Respecting nature

LUZNAR d.o.o. is an environmentally friendly company

Separate waste collection

Separate waste collection is more than just a legislative requirement, it is our shared responsibility. Proper waste management contributes towards a more efficient further processing, maintaining natural resources and promoting energy savings.

Treatment plant

By means of physical, chemical and biological processes we are able to purify waste water to the point that it is no longer harmful to the environment. This process is designed to protect the environment against heavy metals and other hazardous substances generated as by-products of manufacturing printed circuit boards.

PB FREE soldering

In 2003, the company Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. began testing the use of lead-free paste. We were the first in Slovenia to start working in this area. And by 2006, when the new legislation was officially adopted by the EU, we have studied all aspects of this new technology, introducing it into our manufacturing process.

Mordant regeneration

When the etching solution becomes saturated with copper ions, the result is spent, waste mordant which is then regenerated. The copper is extracted and the solution is used for etching again after appropriate treatment.