New Years’ trip

The New Years’ trip is behind us. This year, we made our way to Karst to see and learn about Karst’s attractions, and to taste-test various delicious Karst delicacies.

Our first stop was the village of Lokev, where we toured the Vilenica cave.


We spent some time at the prosciutto producer Lokev, where we taste-tested their delicacies.



Next, we got to see and learn about the prosciutto maturing process.


In the village of Dutovlje we took a walk through Pepa’s Karst Garden, the garden that received a top rating and a gold medal in the category of small gardens at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in 2009.


We were stunned by the picturesque Karst settlement Štanjel, where the stone houses form a terrace-like construction. The idyllic Ferrari garden below the castle was wonderful, too.


For our final stop, we had a late lunch in the village of Goče. To accompany the meal, our kind host sang to us in the Karstic dialect.


The trip helped us further strengthen our friendship ties, and it helped us gain the strength we needed to start 2019.