Technological capabilities

Board type

SS – Single-sided printed circuit board
DS – Double-sided printed circuit board
ML – Multilayer printed circuit board

Basic material

IMS (Al), IMS (Cu)

Manufacturers of basic materials

Kingboard, Nanya, Isola, Rogers, Bergquist …

Thermal stability

TG130 – TG210

Thermal conductivity of IMS

0,3 W/m°C
2,0 W/m°C (standard)
5 W/m°C

Maximal work panel

500 x 600 mm

Thickness of finished PCB

0,2 mm – 3,2 mm

Thickness of inner layers

0,08 mm – 3,2 mm

Minimum line width

70 µm (70 µm)

Thickness of base copper foil

18 μm, 35 μm, 70 μm, 105 μm

Thickness of base copper foil on intermediate layers

18 μm, 35 μm, 70 μm, 105 μm

Diameter of the smallest non-bore hole

0,15 mm

Types of boreholes

Through hole
Blind vias
Buried vias
Half holes

Blind vias (depth-to-diameter ratio)

1 : 1

Solder mask

Green: matt, glossy (standard)






Minimum gap in fine pitch

70 μm

Silk screen color







Peelable mask

EM55/4748 R-LF (Electra Polymer)

Tented via

With solder mask

Filled via

With non-conductive past,
According to IPC-4761 – 6a + 6b + 7

Surface treatment

HAL lead-free (RoHS)
Immersion Au (ENIG)
Galvanic Au (Hard gold)

Mechanical tolerance

According to DIN ISO 2768 T1

Final product thickness

+/-10 %

Etching tolerance

+/-20 % (+/-10%)



Well-prepared documentation is essential for a well-made product.

To make the product, we will need the following:


  • GERBER files
  • BILL OF MATERIALS (Excel file)
  • TESTING PROTOCOL (if you require final testing of PCBs)


Electronic components

We always purchase electronic components according to their exact designations declared by the customer. If a particular component is not in stock or the supply period is extremely long, we recommend an alternative product or ask for a suggested replacement option.



  • components supplied by customer
  • components partly supplied by the customer and partly by LUZNAR d.o.o.
  • components entirely supplied by LUZNAR d.o.o.




  • Traceability of components
  • Controlled atmosphere storage
  • Automatic component preparation


SMT printing

At LUZNAR d.o.o. we no longer use stencils to apply soldering paste on printed circuit boards. This acquisition has greatly improved the SMT component installation and reduced the costs of initial preparations.

We have added an extra printer to our wide array of equipment.

Printing specification:

  • Print precision: 20 µ
  • Minimum point size: 215 µ
  • Minimum point volume: 5 nl
  • Maximum panel size for our machine: 508×508 mm
  • Circuit thickness: 50µ -> 6,0 mm

Printing advantages:

  • Built-in optical paste control
  • Automatic paste touch-up
  • Printing of glue
  • Printing of lead-free paste
  • Printing of leaded paste
  • Optional combined printing of adhesive and paste
  • Replacing the product for assembly 1 min


SMT installation

We use a world renowned brand in the field of electronic component installation. Specifically, SAMSUNG, which is distinguished by accuracy, speed and reliability. We added two new MYCRONIC electronic component installations.

This year we have incorporated two new MYCRONIC laying lines.

Installation specification:

  • Speed of assembly: 54.000 components per hour
  • Accuracy: ±0,01mm
  • Minimum component: 01005 (0,4 x 0,2 mm)
  • Maximum component: 75 x 75 mm
  • Thickness of PCBs: 50µ -> 4,2 mm
  • Maximal panel size for our machine: 500 x 400 mm

Installation advantages:

  • Trolleys used for material: allow a fast replacement of products
  • The product is replaced in 15 minutes
  • Smart feeders: for component traceability

3D AOI inspection

With regard to precision, the 3D inspection technology for assembled boards is at the cutting edge. Our machine checks every single PCB passing through our assembly department. We are able to examine the accuracy of component installation by width, length, height and rotation. In addition, we also examine the inscriptions on the components to eliminate any misplaced components. At Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o., the circuit boards are also marked with serial numbers, which can help us track the errors during the production process.

SMT optical inspection:

  • Camera: 15 mega Pixel
  • Resolution: 10µ
  • Minimum component: 01005 (0,4×0,2mm)
  • Maximum panel size for our machine: 500 x 400mm

THT insertion and wave soldering

In recent years, the THT component insertion technology has been facing a steady decline. The PCBs are becoming ever more complex and developers are increasingly avoiding the THT components, which are being replaced with SMT components. This technology is still used at LUZNAR.



Robotic cutting of THT capacitors
Wave soldering of THT components
Production of 3D soldering masks




Functionality test

At Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o., we develop measurement protocols, testing devices and provide advice in the preparation of test protocols. We pay close attention to the inspection and calibration of PCBs, as we are well aware that our customers want circuit boards that work 100%.

Cleaning and coating of PCBs

Electronic devices are becoming more and more visible. This has led us to conclude that PCBs should have a visually appealing design. The demand for PCB cleaning grows every day and Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. certainly follows the preferences of its customers.

The PCBs which are exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and vibrations require additional protection. We can ensure this by providing coating services, applying encapsulation materials and making sure that large components are securely attached.